Kilt Measuring Guide

Attention First-Time Kilt Buyers: A Guide from Liberty Kilts

If this is your inaugural venture into online kilt shopping, pay close attention to this guidance from Liberty Kilts. Follow the outlined procedures meticulously to avoid any pitfalls in the process of measuring your kilt.

Before finalizing your order, it is imperative to accurately measure your kilt. Taking this step prior to purchase is more straightforward than acquiring the wrong size and subsequently dealing with the complexities and costs of returning the garment. It's crucial to note that your pants or trousers size does not directly translate to your kilt size. In this segment, Liberty Kilts will guide you on the correct method of measuring your kilt.

To prevent measurement errors, there are three crucial measures that must be taken. Here they are:

Remember, at Liberty Kilts, we prioritize your satisfaction, and accurate measurements ensure that your custom-made kilt fits perfectly.

Kilt Measuring Simplified: Your Easy Guide for a Perfect Fit

Step 1: Determine Your Hip Size Begin by measuring your hip size. Why is this important? Well, when we create your kilt, we want to ensure it fits comfortably around your hips. If your kilt doesn't sit well on your hips, it might not be the pleasant experience you're hoping for.

Step 2: Determine Your Waist Size Moving on to the next step, figure out your waist size. Use a measuring tape and wrap it around your waist or wherever you prefer the kilt to be secured. Traditionally, kilts are fastened at the belly button, but you have the freedom to choose. Remember to measure while breathing regularly and jot down the numbers.

For those with larger bellies, wearing the kilt around the naval can create a more flattering appearance.

Step 3: Determine the Length of the Kilt Drop The final step involves measuring the kilt drop length. This measurement determines how long your kilt should be when you're standing upright. While a standard kilt should reach your kneecap, the choice is yours. Start measuring from your waist or the point where you fasten your kilt and extend it to your preferred length.

Typically, the drop length for men is around 24 inches, and for women, it's about 20 inches. However, feel free to choose the length that suits your style and comfort.

With these three simple steps, you'll be on your way to ordering a perfectly fitting kilt from Liberty Kilts.

Jacket Measuring Guide

Embark on the Perfect Fit: Unveiling Liberty Kilts' Jacket Measurement Odyssey

For those venturing into the realms of online jacket acquisition for the first time, welcome to Liberty Kilts' exclusive guide. Navigate this sartorial journey with finesse by adhering to the carefully crafted steps below. These guidelines are your compass to precise jacket measurements, ensuring a seamless and bespoke shopping experience.

Before you hit that order button, honing in on accurate jacket measurements is paramount. It's akin to unlocking a style trove where the right fit is the golden key. Think of it as a preventive measure, sparing you the hassle and potential expenses of returning an unmatched garment. And remember, your standard shirt or T-shirt size might not be the North Star leading to your ideal jacket fit. Liberty Kilts, your style navigator, is here to demystify the art of jacket measurement.

In our cosmic journey toward impeccable fits, we present three celestial measures that demand your attention. Behold:

[Proceed with the enchanting details of our jacket measurement procedures.]

At Liberty Kilts, where style is an odyssey, we cherish your satisfaction. Allow these measurements to be the constellations guiding the creation of your tailor-made jacket, an ensemble as unique as your individuality. Step into a world where fit is not just a metric but a statement of self.

Liberty Kilts Jacket Measurement Guide

Ensuring the perfect fit for your jacket is an art, and at Liberty Kilts, we've crafted a comprehensive measurement guide to assist you in achieving sartorial excellence. Follow these steps carefully for accurate measurements:

  1. Neck:

    • Encircle the tape measure around your neck, resting it comfortably where a collar would typically sit.
  2. Chest:

    • Place the tape measure underneath your armpits and ensure it wraps snugly around the fullest part of your chest.
  3. Sleeve Length:

    • Measure from the top of the sleeve at the shoulder seam down to the middle of the end of the sleeve. This captures the length required for a perfectly tailored fit.
  4. Waist:

    • Position the tape measure around your waist at navel height, ensuring a firm yet comfortable fit.
  5. Shoulder Width:

    • Measure the width of your back across the broadest part of your shoulders, extending from the shoulder point (where the shoulder meets the arm) to approximately 1-2 inches below the neckline.
  6. Back Length (Measure from Back Side):

    • Begin measuring from the base of the collar and extend it down the back to the desired length. This ensures the jacket conforms precisely to your preferences.

By adhering to these measurements, Liberty Kilts guarantees a jacket that not only fits like a second skin but also reflects the unique contours of your individual style. Embrace the journey to personalized elegance with Liberty Kilts.

Vest Measuring Guide

Liberty Kilts Vest Measurement Guide

  1. Neck:

    • Wrap the tape measure around your neck at the base, where a collar would naturally sit.
  2. Shoulder:

    • Measure the width of your shoulders from one shoulder point to the other.
  3. Chest:

    • Take the measurement around the fullest part of your chest, just beneath the armpits.
  4. Waist:

    • Measure around your natural waistline, typically at the narrowest part of your torso.
  5. Length:

    • For the back length, measure from the base of the collar down the back to the desired length. For the front length, measure from the base of the neck down to the desired length at the front of the vest.

By focusing on these key measurements, Liberty Kilts ensures your vest fits impeccably, providing both comfort and a tailored look tailored to your unique style.

Shoes Measuring Guide

Liberty Kilts Kilt Shoes Measurement Guide: Foot Length

  1. Foot Length:
    • Measure from the heel to the tip of your longest toe, ensuring an accurate representation of the length of your foot.

By focusing on this key measurement, Liberty Kilts ensures your kilt shoes fit comfortably and perfectly, enhancing your overall Scottish-inspired attire.