Who is LibertyKilts.com

Liberty Kilts Inc. is one of the worldwide Kilt Retailers and a main Scottish retailer offering convincing kilt, outfits, coats and other Kilt adornments for men, ladies, and children. Since 1902, we've been focused on furnishing our clients with the most ideal assistance—

To what extent does it take for me to get my item?

In Rush Order, It will take 7-10 working days for conveyance

Typically in specially crafted items, it will take 2 weeks for handling and one week from now for conveyance.

Would I be able to Use Pants size to request my Kilts?

Try not to USE YOUR PANTS SIZE. This estimation is normally 2″ bigger than the size of your jeans.

When will I get my following number?

At the point when we delivered your thing following number will be sent to the email address you entered alongside your request.

What is your arrival strategy?

We can acknowledge returns on stock things for as long as 30 days from your buy. Nonetheless, custom kilts made just to your estimations like Utility, Leather, and custom length kilts, we can not acknowledge returns on so please measure cautiously! On numerous events we can adjust your kilt for a little expense in the event that it doesn't fit you on the money, in any case, we can seldom ever make a kilt longer once it has been sliced to a specific length. Different things we do consider to be custom are Works,

What adornments would it be advisable for me to get Tartan Kilts?

The best adornments for kilts

- Sporran: The little pocket that hangs straightforwardly before your kilt was the medieval Highlander's wallet. They run in style from easygoing cowhide to formal hide.

- Kilt "hose" (socks): Leave those lower leg socks at the rec center. Kilts look best with tall socks that come over your calf. A pleasant sleeve on top with flashes is far better. Talking about…

- Flashes: These little folds of texture jab out of the sleeve on your kilt hose. Of course, flashes are absolutely enlivening, however, they give an extraordinary completing touch to your outfit.

Do You Ship Other Countries?

Indeed! We Shipped Worldwide.

Do You Offer Wholesale?

Truly we acknowledge the discount requests.

How Might I Contact With libertykilts.com

General inquiries, requests: support@libertykilts.com

Deal: libertykilt@gmail.com